About Us


Welcome to Bespoke Equestrian Apparel (or BEA for short)
 Our Mission Statement
To provide you with the best embroidered equestrian garments for show casing your equestrian team, or alternatively for solo horse riders who want to add that extra sparkle by adding the personal touch.
No job is either to small or to large. 
 Equestrian Team Wear
Professional Embroidered Apparel for Teams of Any Size.
Upgrade your equestrian team with custom branded garments.

Customize equestrian apparel with embroidery, screen printing, or vinyl for a professional image.

We hand pick equestrian garments for you from tried and tested brands. Or if you have a particular brand of saddlecloth that you particularly like we do our best to get it at a good price and provide it to you with your logo professionally embroidered. So whether you prefer to promote your own team, or prefer to wear popular branded products like lemieux, woof wear, or other popular branding we are here to find you the garments you want. 

We can provide all types of equestrian garments, so whether your looking for team show jackets, saddlecloths, or hoodies we will find you great quality garments and add your professional logo. 

We also provide other branded items for equestrians, including mugs, key rings, pencil cases, boot bags, feed covers, stable covers, drapes etc.

Solo Horse Riders

Experience Elegance in Every Stitch with Our Handcrafted Horse Photo Hoodies and Jackets. These are one of our most popular products with both adults and children and make the most wonderful equestrian gifts.

You can order a variety of  equestrian garments with the same picture and names. Own horse photo embroidery looks great on hoodies, polo shirts, saddlecloths, blouson jackets, and shell jackets, as well as on equestrian accessories like stable covers, saddle drapes and travel bags,  

We take the time to recreate your horses features, colours and markings. You don't even need your own pony to enjoy this amazing service. We have recreated many riding school ponies to the delight of their favourite riders. 

We do have other more simpler designs that can also be ordered, or if you find an image that you would like to recreate on a hoodie, why not upload it and create your own bespoke hoodie. 

Our eco friendly hoodies can be ordered with exactly the same designs as our normal garments. These garments are either made from all natural fibres or recycled fabrics and are better for the environment. They are embroidered using sustainable embroidery threads only or screen printing.